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Cheers! from Chelsea

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re hear to blog and vlog along with me.  I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and will return again and again for the newest toasts I’ll provide. Who am I? I’m just trying other means of connecting with people who share my interests and hobbies. I’m happily married with a whole menagerie of pets and the hopes of becoming a mother in the sooner-than-later future. I love many many things so you’ll find that I really jump around a lot. If I had to pick one main interest, I guess it would be wine. I enjoy it on a rather frequent basis, but it’s not all I can talk about.

Outside of discussing wine here on Cheers! with Chelsea, I will also go into topics such as animals (especially my pets), Halloween (proud participant of the CryptKeeper Halloween Countdown for 5 years), my various adventures from planning and throwing parties to events and vacations, sewing projects, wine (oh wait, I said that already), my many many ridiculous amounts of comic/television/film/game interests such as Cougar Town and more.

I have been designing and creating since I can remember although I found a passion for web design and digital graphic creations around high school. That passion has only grown and continued to flourish as I push myself to learn more and more with all that the digital age brings us.

I have also worked extensively in early childhood education for nearly ten years. I have been an extended care aide, an instructional assistant, an early childhood assistant teacher, an early childhood lead teacher as well as an extended care program supervisor.

In the fall, I will be starting my education in fashion design and production. I am very excited about this new endeavor that will be coming up in my life and I cannot wait to share this new adventure on the blog.

I love talking with people an I love making new friends.  It is my goal that through being more active here and on my social media outlets, I will end up making more connections.

I am fueled by adventure, wonder and discovery and have found it important, above anything else, to be constantly learning and trying new things. I’ll be honest that I’m still trying to find out what it is I want to do in the world, but I’m very happy with whatever happens to come across my path.


The Brief History of

Since 2007, has gone through many changes, but I am most excited to announce our latest change and welcome you all to Cheers! with Chelsea. was originally a landing page to connect my network of various fan sites for the different interests I had, mainly focusing on Japanese comics (AKA manga).  Of course, as anyone knows, your hobbies change as you get older and my interests shifted from the comics to cosplay and are now more of a focus on actual fashion.

Now, this space is here to discuss wine, share wine and drink wine.  Just kidding!  That’s only partially true.  Be prepared for many wine talks in addition to all else it is that I wish to share. Thanks for being here!


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