The people that made us who we are. Without them, who knows if we would have been so lucky to find each other. It’s thanks to our families that we have made it to the point we are at, showing full dedication and love for each other is mostly thanks to our parent’s excellent example.¬†We talk about our parents and the love we have for them, even in our more “you’re driving us crazy” moments.

The Bride’s Parents

Mother of the Bride

Confident and ever sure of herself, her family, and her role, she has been a huge inspiration for me and has been the one responsible for my sure and optimistic nature. She is my biggest role model and her opinions are held in the highest of regard. She is my best friend, but our biggest battle is to come in regards to photos. You have to get them taken, Mom. I’m only getting married once.

Father of the Bride

Ever the stoker of my imagination and inquisitive nature, he’s helped raise me into a curious and imaginative young woman who isn’t afraid to ask questions or rival the system. My favorite moments with him have been the scientific discussions, discussing life while sparking more questions for my mind to wrap around. I love his good humor when it shows, but I have one request when it comes down to the hour. Could you leave your headphones in the hotel room on my big day? It’ll clash with the boutonnieres.

The Groom’s Parents

Mother of the Groom

She’s a tough cookie. At my age of 10 she had to move three boys and try to raise them by herself. There were bumps and dips on the road, but seeing how my brothers and I have turned out I wouldn’t want to have anyone else as my mother. She has thought me lots of things who have helped me become who I am now. Her strength has inspired me to be strong as well and keep trying. Eventually things work out as long as you keep your head up and keep working hard.

Step-Father of the Groom

He’s been a great person to my mom. He makes her happy which is the most important thing to me.

Father of the Groom

My father is a man with many stories behind him. It all comes down to him being my father. He has been around off and on. But I love him.