Ladydragon Queen

The main writer for the site and the reason a Disneyland wedding happened. She enjoys blogging and graphic designing for fun.

She loves taking pictures, especially of herself and her husband on their latest adventures. She is very fortunate that Erick shares the same passion.

Always looking for the next fun thing, Chelsea’s home away from home is Disneyland. She has taken several trips there since her and Erick’s engagement and has even gone solo a few times. More likely than not, if you ask her what she did for vacation, the response would probably be “Disneyland”.

Bancho Husband

The man who decided it was a great idea to marry Chelsea.

Our Wedding
Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Disneyland Hotel

Ceremony: Rose Court Garden
Reception: Magic Kingdom Ballroom


Our Honeymoon
Date To Be Determined

We plan on traveling to Hawaii for a couple months, but the exact plans for where and when are unknown. We do know that we plan to stay, if only for a little while, at the Disney Aulauni Resort.