I am totally one of those people who enjoy being in the spotlight, although my life always turns out to be where life or people in my life tend to steal my thunder and what is supposed to be my moment in the lime light turns into theirs. Not usually intentionally, but people just have a very hard time being selfless for other people. It’s just human nature.

For my bridal shower, this was ANYTHING but the case. I really felt special and…well, showered, with all the love and affection and care that was possible. People who knew they couldn’t make it to the wedding made a point to be there and those that I would be seeing at the wedding made it a blast because I knew I’d be having just as much fun with these people a little over a month from then.


I don’t think anything could have made me feel more pumped for the wedding than seeing the photos from the bridal shower. I’m just so happy that I decided to hire a professional photographer and I honestly could not have made a better choice! Lisa Stone Photography totally captured the moment and feel of the whole day and it was a great sampling of what to expect for guest interaction at the wedding.

bridalshower-13Plus there were just some stellar moments that I would have never had documented otherwise.


Such as one of my favorites when all the married women shared their most touching or funniest story about their wedding. My mom had asked everyone to bring one of their wedding photos, which we used as centerpieces on the tables. Then after dinner they had to share their story.

bridalshower-26Following that, of course is playing the game of Chubby Hubby. Where they had asked Erick ahead of time questions and I had to guess the same answer he would have given. This…was REALLY hard! I had a lot of marshmallows by the end of the game. At one point, they were coming out. >.<;;; But the photos captured were priceless.

Now as I know a lot of my family and wedding guests have been following this blog, I wanted to give you all the chance to look through more than just the few photos I put here.

The photographer, Lisa, shared a lot of her favorite shots on her blog. Below are a selection of my favorites.