Christmas is coming! Have you thought about what to get your favorite wine-lover? Shopping for someone who drinks wine as a hobby can be tricky. Everyone’s tastes in wine are different, and if you’re shopping for someone who enjoys wine on a frequent basis, you might not feel so confident in picking out a bottle of wine to gift them. Besides, they’re probably the one bringing you a nice bottle, right?

Luckily, most wine lovers possess great senses of humor and tend to be big on hosting and major foodies to accompany their wino habits. (We love showing off and sharing our wine collections with our friends and family with a great spread of delicious snacks!) Below you can find ten unique gifts perfect for your wine-loving friends!

Wristory Bracelets – $35

These adorable bracelets can be found at some of your favorite Napa Valley wineries, but also encompass several wine-based charities and activities that are wine-related passions. These are simply charming bracelets that would make a great stocking stuffer!

Purchase from their website or at the wineries they feature.


Hickory Farms Meat & Cheese Sets – $26 – $126

These seasonal favorites are actually quite perfect for your favorite wino. Nothing quite beats enjoying a tasty meat and cheese platter with your favorite glass of wine and Hickory Farms does all the work in finding great pairings of meat and cheese at very reasonable prices.

Purchase from their website, at Target, Walmart or even find them at your local mall at one of the center kiosks!

Champagne Gummy Bears by Sugarfina – $8.50 – $20

These champagne gummy bears have been gaining in popularity and are perfect for the wine lover you know who also enjoys a good bottle of bubbly. Don’t know someone who likes champagne as much? That’s ok! They also have Rosé flavored gummies as well as an assortment of other liquor and cocktail flavored sweets! Don’t expect these little bears to give you a holiday buzz though. These candies, although made with Dom Perginon (or even in other flavors) are non-alcoholic.

Purchase from their website or find a local retailer (I’ve seen them carried at BevMo!, Total Wine and as a little gift pack at Target!)

Guzzle Buddy – $24.95

A gift for the serious wino! You just plug it and chug it to turn your wine bottle into your own personal glass of wine. This seems ridiculous, but it’s a very fun kitschy gift for the serious wine drinker.

Purchase from their website or on Amazon.

Wine Bottle Candles via Etsy seller SpiceDecor – $14.99 – $39.95

You can find these kind of novel candle holders just about anywhere, but I’m going to save you time and direct you to this Etsy seller who has very beautifully cut wine bottle candles for a very excellent price. Personally, I love my own Castello di Amorosa ones, but you can’t really share those as it’s an at-winery only kind of purchase. If you have a wine lover who enjoys decorating their home with their passion, this is just the right gift to get them!

Purchase from Etsy

Napa Soap Company Soap Bars – $9.95

I can personally vouch for these amazing soaps by the Napa Soap Company. They have a broad range of smells from very light to very fruity. Their soaps are locally made, vegan and gluten-free with a wide range of wine-related scents. My personal favorites are the Cabernet Soapignon and Grapeseed soap. They have expanded a lot this year and have added lotions, bath bombs, liquid soaps and body butters too.

Purchase from their website

Menagerie Wine Pourer – $29 – $49

If you’ve been inside a tasting room lately, you’ve probably witnessed the somm pouring your sampling from a bottle with one of these adorable pieces attached to the top of the bottle. These wine pourers come in a wide variety of animals and objects to fit the interests of any wine-loving individual. They also give a nice clean pour and add quite the bit of class to a regular old bottle of wine.

Purchase from their website or visit your favorite winery for their selection. More and more tasting rooms and winery boutiques are carrying this brand of wine pourers.

Blitzen & Vixen Bottle Stoppers by Wine Enthusiast – $24.95 – $74.95

These adorable bottle stoppers come individually or in a set of three and are too cute not to gift to your favorite wino. Besides, us wine consumers never seem to have enough wine stoppers so one more is always a great gift to receive. If your wino friend is anything like me, we love having the option of seasonal stoppers to switch out at use.

Purchase from their website

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert – $19.99

The perfect gift for the wine loving friend who is just starting out on their adventure. This gift is actually quite perfect from a wino to their friends whom have been wanting to get into the vino scene. A literal scratch and sniff board book that simplifies the process of wine tasting, this book could be lots of fun as a coffee table book or to bring out when you’re having friends over whom are feeling lost over your discussion of tannins and proper sipping methods.

Purchase from their website, on Amazon or from Barnes and Nobles.

Wine Infinity Scarves by Off the Vine Rack – $18.00

These chiffon scarves are lightweight, yet very warm and perfect for all kinds of weather. If you have a wino friend who loves to accessorize their trips to the tasting room with a little vino flare, you can’t go wrong with these scarves.

Purchase from their website

I hope you found a gift idea perfect for the wine lover in your life! Which gift just screamed “It’s perfect!”?

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