I know all us Halloweenofiles say this every year, but this year, Halloween just felt like it flew by. And at least for myself, as hard as it may have been to tell through my social media outlets, it wasn’t very enjoyed like it usually is.

When I initially wrote this, there were still three days to go, and I was feeling then like I needed to be packing up my Halloween decorations and just be done with it all. Something felt different about this year in particular. I love celebrating Halloween all throughout the year, but I know fellow Halloween peeps will share my sentiments that the holiday should be kept within it’s season. Just like any other holiday (and I love to celebrate them all), when you branch the celebrating beyond it’s time, it feels like it starts to loose it’s magic.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I think finding unique and special Halloween things throughout the year is quite the treat. There are unique purchases and awesome shows like spooky inspired bands and Midsummer Scream. Those are isolated events and even though they have Halloween at their core, it’s not saying, “jump into the Halloween season because of this!”. It’s just giving you a little sample to hold you out until the time has ripened for Halloween observances to begin in full force and help bring a little spookiness to your day all year round without screaming Halloween constantly like a nut.

I was guilty of spreading cheer far beyond the month of October. I was already planning things out back in April and constantly talking and ruminating over plans and how things would work out. That’s over six months of constant Halloweening. I was actively looking for things and purchases all the way back in July. I think I went a little crazier than usual. My husband might disagree with me, but I felt that maybe I jeopardized the magic a little for selfish reasons.

I also know a ton was happening in mine and my family’s personal lives this year outside of our usual Halloween practices which distracted all of us and made me feel I needed to be getting Halloween together so much sooner than we usually do. It was a strange year.

Next year, I’m going to be better and more “in the moment” of celebrating things. With a new baby, it should be even more exciting too with even more ideas and activities to plan. But when it comes to actually doing things, I’m going to try out keeping the kickoff to my planning no earlier than September.

Let’s see how that goes and if it changes my feelings next year.

I hope you all had fun doing the 31 days of counting down with me and that you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween! I look forward to hearing from you all again next year as well!

Happy Halloween!

How do you feel about celebrating Halloween outside of October?

One thought to “A Halloween PSA – Keep It To October?”

  1. Keep it in October. While one can celebrate the Spirit of the season throughout the year, as with Christmas, there need to be some limits.We can’t be in Holiday Mode all the year.

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