Ever get too ambitions for Halloween and the plans and ideas and projects you want to pull off over the span of October? I know I certainly do. Every. Single. Year.

This year, I thought I’d completely revamp my decor style and make things more themed, especially through incorporation of my growing passion for Tiki aesthetics that we’ve been working into our normal indoor and outdoor decor in addition to more vintage/classic details. That didn’t happen.

I thought I would definitely have time to do some wine-tasting of Halloween wines. Wine stayed packed in boxes until halfway through the month and my volunteers to taste with me (since my present condition only allows me to taste, not enjoy a full bottle on my own with little help) were also busy with getting things unpacked and put away. Opening a bottle of wine, just to taste it was not realistic AND wasteful. Wine ages, so one more year in the bottle won’t hurt it, but Halloween wine tasting didn’t happen.

A new town means new opportunities to discover fun Halloween things to do in the area, right? Well, that didn’t happen either.

Nor did going to special Halloween events my husband I have talked about for attending for years, such as Knott’s Scary Farm to see Elvira’s final performance. That definitely didn’t happen.

I thought I could at least do a simple illustration every day for the month of October. This one, I did kind of do, but it wasn’t planned and I really have the instagram photo challenge I participated in to thank for the motivation. Which didn’t actually require me to create an illustration every day for. I’m just crazy and weird like that so I did. It was a great reason to pull it off, but there were days I didn’t and had to play catch up. There were days I thought it almost wouldn’t happen.

Things will be changing around here in regards to planning and observing Halloween, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make note of what I didn’t do and can hold on to it for using next year, right? XD

What Halloween plans were unfulfilled by you this year?

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