I think I say this in almost every post of “Have-to’s”, but the season doesn’t feel complete unless I experience something new each year. This year, there were several things, but one of the biggest experiences was hosting a Samhain feast!

Now, I know I didn’t exactly host it on Samhain, but the thought was there all the same and it was quite fun getting all the pieces together for it.

If you missed it earlier in the the countdown, I made the following dishes:

In addition to serving the above dishes, my sister and I also collaborated in making some fried carrots seasoned with apple balsamic and I served the candied apples as an option for dessert.

I love cooking new recipes so this was an excellent task for me to take on over the Hallowe’en season. I had wanted to revisit Halloween wine tasting, but our move really threw everything off and made it very challenging to find time to do it, so I wasn’t able to. It made me sad, but it forced me to find something that I could get done in one day without it looking like I wasn’t helping with moving (pregnancy has made everyone get on my case about not lifting or moving things, so I’ve been left will unpacking boxes and dinner duty).

It was a lot of work, but quite enjoyable all the same. There are some things I might make in the future, but I might shy away from doing so elaborate next time. ^^;

Now for my other new experience, it was making the Halloween Tree. I know for sure that this is going to become an annual tradition and I’m hoping in future years, I’ll think of more things to incorporate into the practice for our baby to participate in. I really loved coming up with it. Was was even more fun was figuring out how I was going to work in all the elements that made me so inspired by the book. The end result was a big success to me and I’m happy I followed through on it.

What’s something new you’ve experienced this Halloween season?

One thought to “Halloweentime Have To’s – A New Experience”

  1. ahhh, you can re-visit the Hallowe’en wine tasting next year! As always, I’ve enjoyed reading.
    Got some recipes, and that tree is awesome. Great ideas I’ll pass along. (like those little balloon lights in the pumpkins. I’m so stealing that. ha.They’ll be a great addition to my Moms tree.)
    Thanks again,
    PS. And of course, good luck with the soon to arrive little one!

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