About five years ago or so, I tried my hand at making candied apples. Ever since then, it has been habit to crave and make them each year. Every year, I switch up the recipe just a tiny bit or try out a different way to present them, but every year, they just get better and better and I love them even more.

Last year was probably my favorite batch, but this year, I think they look even cuter thanks to the candy apple sticks I picked up from Michael’s. And they taste just as good too! 🙂

I ended up making a second smaller batch where I halved the ingredients and added black food dye instead of red and I think they turned out looking just as nice. Last year, I burned it, but this year, the only difference was their color; the flavor is the same between the two colors.

Candied Apples

Serving Size: 4 - 6 apples

Candied Apples


  • 4-6 Granny Smith apples (This is a personal preference. I like the tartiness of the grannies with the sweet of the cinnamon candy and the color contrast between the red and green. It always looks gorgeous)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup light corn syrup
  • 5-10 drops of red food coloring
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/2 cup (2oz container) cinnamon imperials/red hots
  • Non-Food Items You Need
  • 4-6 sticks or skewers for apples
  • candy thermometer
  • non-stick mat OR wax paper


  1. Wash and dry apples then insert skewers.
  2. Mix water, sugar and corn syrup in small pot. Add food coloring to color preference.
  3. Put on medium-high heat until mixture reaches 250º.
  5. Add cinnamon stick at 225º
  6. Add cinnamon imperials when temperature reaches 250º.
  7. Remove from heat when mixture reaches 300º (or if you can set thermometer to "Hard Crack" temperature, remove when it hits that).
  8. Dip apples in mixture at an angle then place on wax paper to cool.


Original Recipe: Lovely Lady Cakes

I do some things very distinctly different from the Lovely Lady Cakes recipe. The first being that I add both the red hots and the food coloring.

Second is that I also add a cinnamon stick to the recipe to boil with the imperials for a more natural flavor. I feel that it does change the flavor and make it taste more natural.

The third is that she says she can only get 4 apples, but I usually get at least 6. It's all a matter of working fast before the candy gets too hard once off the heat.

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