There always seem to be a reasonable, though still underwhelming number of Halloween advertisements that release around this time of year. I felt that this year, however, there were several commercials that completely called out to me as an individual and greatly appealed to what is my sense of Halloween celebrating. I’ve included a handful of them here for you to enjoy along with me!

This ad was just too amusing not to share. I think several of us moms and moms-to-be envision that picture perfect Halloween for their kiddos, but often times the reality rarely plays out how we thought it might.

Sharing the love of dressing up and classic music? You got me, Party City. Honestly, their whole line of Halloween commercials are absolutely divine and they’re definitely reaching out to all of us Halloweenies, for sure.

Party City’s marketing team should win a prize. This one is golden and my favorite of the season, for sure.

Have you seen any Halloween advertisements that you have really enjoyed?

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