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I love a lot of aspects of Halloween. Dressing up. Eating fall foods. Romping through pumpkin patches. However, the thing that gets me most excited and the most in the spirit is decorating. Seeing the decorations come up in and around our home as well as on neighbors’ lawns and friend’s halls gets me really excited.

Even if it’s just a little bit, I have to put out some sort of decoration to make it feel like Halloween. I usually get my decorations up around the last week of September, but we’re just a little later this year because of my family’s move (I know you’re tired of hearing me say it at this point). Still, I have nearly all of my indoor decorations set up. Outdoor is waiting on some collaboration with my mom, but I have some exciting ideas for it. At least in regards to mine and my husband’s portion of it. ;D

When do you begin decorating for Halloween?

2 Thoughts to “Halloweentime Have To’s – Decorating”

  1. Already decorated, here! I did it all on Wednesday, with odds and ends finished up the last few days. Gets me in the Halloween-y mood!

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