One of my fellow Halloween-obsessed Instagram friends is hosting a photo challenge for the whole month of October. In truth, not everyone prefers blogging or vlogging. Instagram is the best place to go when that’s the case. I love the idea of a photo challenge, but I’m never great about following through on them. >.<;;;

Kreepy Kay (aka Kayla) presents a great opportunity for me to participate in the challenge while sharing my blog posts via instagram. I love it! I just hope I keep up. I’ve already been a little negligent at the start, but I’ve caught up and am excited to keep the challenge going.

Interested in participating? Kayla has listed each day’s challenge via her instagram image below:

Taken from @kreepy_kay_’s instagram
I think her profile might be private because I’ve been trying to share the direct link to her instagram, but it doesn’t seem to be working. :/

The challenge officially started on Sunday (October 1st), but it is not too late to join in on the challenge. With it being only 5 days into the countdown, you just need to play a little bit of catch-up and you’ll do just fine!

Are you participating in any interesting Halloween #hashtagchallenges?

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