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Do you have some freshly popped kernels to enjoy while we go through our next list of Halloween videos? You might want some as I’m going to send you on a journey of binge watching for at least thirteen shows and movies worth of Halloween-related media.

This list was harder to make than I thought it would be! I was trying to get outside the comfort zone and select things that perhaps will be new to you or were not known as popular. But it was very hard!

Got that popcorn all popped and ready to devour? Click the play button to watch the whole playlist of trailers and television show intro sequences to find your new favorite Halloween movie. 😉

My Thoughts on these Halloweentime Shows & Films

A beautiful instrumental short by Mike Inel, which some of us slightly older anime fans will recognize as the creative mind who animated the beautiful “Draw with Me” short. If you love Halloween and little Adorable animated children, this is a great video to check out. Without saying too much about the story its self, it is important that you watch it all the way through. There is a part where it whites out and you think the story might be finished, but it’s not.

For a cheesy children’s movie, Cabinet of Souls is actually quite enjoyable. I can’t stand how frustrating the main protagonists are, but the concept is pretty enjoyable and it does take place over the few days leading up to Halloween and the monsters are really fun. In true Goosebumps fashion, expect a very campy feel with scares that probably wouldn’t frighten a toddler. Interested? Check it out on Netflix!

Especially unique upon it’s release with a well-picked cast, this little cult classic has really gained popularity, yet still goes unnoticed by quite a few. I will admit that this film falls a little more on the gory side from what I usually prefer for my staple of Halloween selections, but the story is just so good, you can’t help but be drawn to it.

Ok. I know this one doesn’t solely fall on Halloween, but it definitely ends on it (Wake the Dead, anyone?) and who can resist the Addams Family? This is definitely one of those more popular ones I’m sure most people have seen before, but the Addams family always reminds us that even if we can’t be celebrating Halloween all year round, there’s no reason why we can’t be our ookie kooky mysterious spooky selves. I don’t know how you haven’t seen this yet if you’re a true Halloween junkie, but if you want, you can check it out on Netflix!

I. Love. This. Show. Even though it has been available on Hulu for a long long while, when I found a DVD copy of the series, I knew I needed to own it. It’s a short watch, capping at only 10 episodes which are only 15 minutes or less each. Once you get rolling, you can’t stop and usually binge the whole show in its entirety. It might not seem very clear at first that this show is very Halloween influenced, but trust me and watch it to the end. It will be well worth your time. 😉 Interested? Watch it all on Hulu!

Scary Godmother was a television special that wasn’t really long enough to be considered a movie, but engaging enough to put its self on my family’s repertoire of films to watch every year. It also has a second special that released the following year (now seen sold in one collection if you try to purchase in stores). If you can’t get enough of this charming approach to Halloween for little ones that might be a little too scared over the holiday, I recommend finding the comic series which inspired the creation of this special.

One of those films that is kind of campy, but still quite enjoyable. I believe this film was released briefly in select theaters two years ago and then quickly found it’s way to Netflix. It is a little more on the gory side (but perhaps a little less so than Trick ‘r Treat) and is a compilation of short stories of things happening all over one particular town on Halloween night. It’s not winning any Oscars, but I feel it’s a great one to put on in the background while getting into the Halloween spirit. Interested? Check it out on Netflix!

Quite the classic, in my own opinion, but I have begun to find many whom have never had the pleasure to watch Bing Crosby’s multiple roles within the animated feature of Ichabod Crane and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I remember thinking once that Bram must be the brother of Gaston because their characters felt almost identical to me (Katrina became Gaston’s new conquest after Belle’s rejection). I love this film with it’s catchy music and traditional animation. They don’t make them like this anymore.

I think in our youth, all my sisters and myself hoped we could one day become Christina Ricci. As children, it seemed she always had a role to play in nearly every single one of our favorite Halloween films from being the cool Wednesday Addams to here in Casper, where her dad communicates with ghosts, getting to move in to a beautifully creepy haunted mansion. Not only that, but the president from Independence Day is her dad and what child didn’t want him as a father? I remember all us girls being jealous of my one sister because her name is the same as the protagonist (only with a C instead of a K) and in those days, if you had any relation to a character, there was a chance you got to experience their adventures. It’s a simple film, but I love to watch it every year, all the same.

This is one of those films that often goes under the radar and does not get all the attention that it deserves. A solid story and a great monster, this film still makes me jump at parts when I watch it, even though it is considered a children’s movie. If you haven’t gotten to check this one out, I highly recommend it.

Like the poorly executed version of Hocus Pocus with a cursed mummy instead of three witch sisters, Under Wraps has the monster play the hero. I can’t recall much from this film outside of the mummy coming back to life on Halloween and the children trying to locate him in a costumed party with a bunch of adults around, but I know that this was frequently on the Disney channel every year and we would watch it.

I couldn’t make it through without listing one very well-known film that happens throughout the span of Halloween. Especially one that seems to have heightened popularity this year. Hocus Pocus is a classic and one that is watched more than a couple times in my household during this time of year. It’s challenging not to include it and Spirit Halloween’s collaboration with Disney has certainly helped boost interest, but do you know how hard it is to make a list of movies and shows I’ve seen that are Halloween based?! >.<;;;

Once a revered part of Halloween for many, I think that Ray Bradbury’s “The Halloween Tree” has actually begun to fall to the way-side. Not intentionally, I’m sure, but personally, even I had never read or had the book read to me until two years ago when Gris Grimly released an illustrated version when I decided it was long enough to have put off reading it. I do recollect watching this film over several Halloweens in my youth. The film doesn’t do the book justice, but is still beautifully executed and will be a staple for my little one when Halloween rolls around next year.

What is your favorite film or show with a premise that takes place during the Halloween season?

7 Thoughts to “Pass the Popcorn! – 13 Halloweentime Shows & Films”

    1. Thanks for swinging by! Glad I inspired and added more to your list. You’ll have to see my post on Friday, I’ll be sharing 13 of what I think are the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Maybe you’ll be able to add something to your 30 days of horror! 😉

  1. Love Trick ‘r Treat. But for television shows with an episode set at Halloween, I will go with Friday the 13th: The Series first season episode “Hellowe’en” Just an 80s slice of TV horror greatness. Have watched it MANY times. 🙂

  2. “Vincent” (1982) – An early work by Tim Burton, it’s about a young boy who wants to be (the horror movie version of) Vincent Price.

    And it’s narrated by Vincent Price….

    1. Vincent is a great short I always end up watching around this time of year. It’s definitely on my “must watch” during Halloween time, but I don’t think it takes place on Halloween. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I love it!

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