Every year, I have themed days and a “host” of sorts who play the roll of decorating my headers or narrating the day. For the first couple years of participating in a countdown, I featured these twin characters from one of my work-in-progress stories that I always get inspired to draw around this time of year. Two years ago, I made an original costume and hosted the countdown dressed in it every opportunity I got. It was also the first year my Halloween costume was finished before October even began.

I don’t know why I do the Halloween Countdown the way I do. I’m more than likely inspired by Elvira. The “host” spiel is not always effectively pulled off, but I still have fun with it. In the end, that’s what really matters, right?
Last year was the first year I decided to scrap all my plans last minute and just wing the countdown. I pulled it off (barely), and the spontaneity didn’t quite do it for me.

This year, I’ve returned to my roots and am excited to present your 2017 Halloween Hosts!

The Candy Corn Thieves of Madison Manor

Madison Manor started off as a home to many residents at the very start of its occupancy. A menagerie of human and animal kind alike roam the manor’s corridors, seeking comfort within its cool walls. However, there are other creatures who lurk within Madison, awoken by the smell of Fall in the air. The kitchen, of course, is the source of the aroma; apples and cinnamon and pumpkin and all spices becoming regularly-used ingredients during the season. Deep in the shadows, tiny sets of eyes adjust to the cozy autumnal lighting, searching for honey-rich treats of yellow, orange and white. Candy corn.

This tricolored treat is what the many eyes seek, easily found throughout the Halloween season. The presence of these confections is proof that the time to prepare for All Hallow’s Eve is here. It is time to stretch and scurry many pairs of legs. Time to snatch up as many of the saccharine sweets as they can to hoard away for the rest of the year. These waking “Candy Corn Thieves” have much to do before the Samhain moon rises, welcoming the deceased that will visit.

This is Bonbon.

Like her candy corn loving/thieving siblings, Bonbon is a connoisseur of candy corn. Unlike the rest of her clutch, she is often seen enjoying other flavors outside of traditional honey. Bonbon is very clumsy and has been seen dropping her candy corn stashes and getting herself trapped in unusual spaces. Despite her accident-prone nature, Bonbon loves to get and give a good scare and finds particular enjoyment in frightening her siblings.


This is Candy.

Candy is the greatest hoarder of the Candy Corn Thieves, rarely seen without a generous helping of the holiday’s trademark confectionary in his arms. He can sometimes be seen trailing after his siblings if he spies an opportunity to grow his stash. Candy corn may be his passion, but that doesn’t mean it is his only interest. He is not one to participate in other activities, but he is always excited to discover new treats and sweets that arrive with the Halloween season.


This is Caramelo.

Caramelo loves candy corn. She loves to decorate. More than anything, she loves Halloween, mainly in thanks to candy corn being so abundant. The one thing Caramelo does not love is being scared. It is noted that she is often on the receiving end of Bonbon’s love for scaring others. Caramelo enjoys doing Halloween tasks with her siblings. Her favorite of all these is decorating Madison, ever full of care and love for their long-time home.

How do you “host” your countdown to Halloween?

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