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Back during Midsummer Scream, I was fangirling over meeting Nancy Nightmare and the Wizard. A little background on them is that they’re an alternative horror pop/rock duo-recently-turned-quartet that hit me up on instagram to check out their stuff last year during the Halloween countdown. Their style was definitely more my pace so I followed them and it’s just kind of gone from there. Sometimes I really feel like a stalker keeping track of all their latest releases and updates, but I always get enthusiastic about up and coming talents, especially if it means something I get to add to my Halloween repertoire, so I suppose it’s just something I can’t quite help. ^^;;

I knew they had some shows coming up and at Midsummer Scream they handing me a flyer of their upcoming shows. I was excited and really happy to see all the gigs they had lined up for them, but was slightly bummed seeing the dates. As they’re a SoCal band and I’m a NorCal local with a central valley move in the midsts of happening during their peak of performances, the likelihood of me being able to make it to a live show was pretty slim, if not, highly unlikely….

…Or so I thought.

Then there was the crazy coincidence that their first show of the season also happened to fall on a weekend that the Pinup Girl Boutique was also having an event. Said event was only a ten minute drive from the performance location of Nancy and her gang. So my husband said, “Let’s go to both”. Thus making me a very happy wife who can be here bragging about it all right now.

This was the band’s first live performance together and they rocked it! See the video above to get a sample of their sound (or go to their website to hear their demo!). I apologize for my camera mic – it is not the best for these kinds of environments, but you get a pretty good idea. Their set list was a great line up of their original songs with a handful of covers here and there.

Nancy is full of enthusiasm and is always engaging with the crowd. Wizard’s energy knows no bounds and we applauded this while he jumped all around while performing. The addition of drummer Dr. Godfried and bassist Karrion really completes their sound and they sound amazing. I’m excited to watch how the band grows as they get more accustomed to being on stage and performing in front of a live crowd as a whole.

If you can catch Nancy Nightmare and the Wizard this Halloween season, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This band has a LOT going for them and I’d love to see more people jump on the bandwagon with me. To see their upcoming shows, take a look at the poster below or find their next event on their website.

Is your interest piqued? Need a little more convincing?

Check out their youtube channel!

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