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It is 75 days until Halloween and I thought, what better way to celebrate the coming season than with my coverage and reflection of my attendance at the Halloween festival I attended at the Long Beach Convention Center three weekends ago.




Midsummer Scream was all I could have hoped and more. You’ll have to watch the video for the majority of my feelings on it, but I can most definitely guarantee that we will be returning next year and I will be more prepared and mindful to capture more than I did this time.

There was so much going on, that I did not capture as much footage or take as many photos as I hoped I would to share now with you all. I got really wrapped up in it all which was such a fantastic change of pace compared to other events I’ve gone to. I have referenced this event quite a few times as a convention, but I think the website proclaiming themselves as a festival over a convention is far more appropriate. I can’t explain why it needs the difference, but it does.

But enough of my jibber jabber. If you’re reading this far, that means you want to know what I came out with. As promised in the video, below are photos of the merchandise I came home with!

  • Here Be Monsters print & Christmas Spider Holiday Cards

Additionally, here are my special mentions from the event. There were so many outstanding spooktacular vendors, it was very hard not to run around like a mad woman spending all my money, but I did my best to grab cards instead to save for another day. Here are vendors I hope to purchase from during the holiday season:

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