Second outfit for Midsummer Scream was all about comfort after a long Saturday and a planned long drive for Sunday evening. Also, I hate to disappoint, but I did not make nor modify anything for this outfit. I pretty much looked around at what I already owned and tried on everything the week before to see what felt comfortable and ran with that.

This outfit was not as craftily planned as my Saturday outfit, but as comfortable was the name of the game, it did it’s job. Since this was the driving home outfit too, I tried to keep it as comfy as possible. You can’t tell too much in these photos, but thanks to my tiny bump, this ended up being a little bit of a snugger fit than initially planned.

I also didn’t really get to show off my accessories in photos too much which I feel were kind of the high-light of the look. Either way, I still got a surprising amount of compliments on my look. And this was with me switching back and forth from the pumps to my tennis shoes. So yay!

Although the sweater was more to just keep me warm and not originally intended to be a part of the look, it still works well with it. I’ll have to keep that in mind for Halloween fashions during October that are mainly black and white.

By the way, you don’t really realize how reflective black sequins are going to be until you’re walking around in the sun and see light reflections all over the place coming from you. It was a double doozy from the dress to the necklace.

From my head down to my toes, this is what I chose:

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