Midsummer Scream is upon us!

In mere days, I will be in Long Beach living the spooky life. Hahaha. Just kidding! But in all honesty, my weekend will be consumed by all that is Halloween beginning late Saturday morning/early afternoon.

At this point, I am super pumped and (almost) ready to jump in the car and head down to Long Beach for this event. Many of my Halloween blogger friends are already sharing what they are looking forward to most at Midsummer Scream, and I thought maybe I would take a little time myself between packing to do the same. 😉

The trickiest thing has been deciding what is a priority for me. Putting aside time in the Vendors Hall is certainly high up there on the to-do list, but there are a handful of panels and workshops I am very interested in attending as well. In addition to that, we are making a side tiki venture first thing Saturday morning in Ventura (to pick up a special something because my husband looooves me) before I get completely lost in the Halloween spirit. Luckily for me, Midsummer Scream is all about their guests and in their very informative “Know before you go” email they also included an At-a-Glance schedule for planners like me who want to make sure they catch all that floats their fancy.

Now, not only was I inspired to create a post like this because of my Halloween blogging friends, but I was inspired by WHAT was catching their interest. I really love the Halloween community because you will always find a wide variety of interests within its self, which can be rare when it comes to a specific hobby. Some people love the blood and gore aspect (not me). Some are enamored with getting all the scares their little hearts can take (also not me). Others are obsessed with making the spookiest haunts they can transform their homes and abodes into (definitely more me) while some are infatuated with the history of this holiday (and this is so me). I fall into a handful of these categories, and like some of my friends, even more that I didn’t mention here. Alas, I will stall no longer. Here are the things I am most looking forward to for 2017’s Midsummer Scream!

1. Cassandra Peterson (a.k.a. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) – July 29

If you didn’t know by now, I’m quite the Elvira fan. I’ve dressed up as her on several occasions, she was my main reason for originally attending Comikaze and I just love the type of celebrity personality that she is. What’s not to love? In all honesty, she’s really the only celebrity that I keep up with because that’s normally not my scene. But every experience I’ve had with her has been truly amazing. She’s my priority although as of this moment, I’ve heard nothing about the specific times she will be around, just that she will only be present Saturday. Which means anything else I may have an interest in that day could be skipped to see her.

2. Horrors of the Exotic: Tiki and Monster Culture – July 30

Presented by retro horror artist/tiki historian, Bill Rude, this presentation sounds like it would be right up my alley and a lot of fun. Also completely appropriate since we will be visiting tiki bars Friday night and Saturday morning. XD

3. “Halloween Decorations: A History” Class – July 30

My Halloween history buff is showing with my interest in this class. I always get such great inspiration for decorating from the history its self so I’m really looking forward to this workshop presented by AtmosFX.

4. “Are You Afraid of the Dark” Panel

I’ve loved this show and hold it in higher regard over Goosebumps growing up. It felt more creepy and eerie than good old GB and I think it would be fun to reminisce about the show, although I have not seen it in ages.

5. Ben Cooper Costumes: The Vintage Halloween Classic Returns – July 29

This seems to be a go-to panel on many people’s lists and it does sound interesting for sure. Ben Cooper is known to be the first company to mass produce Halloween costumes and helped shape that industry to what it is today. I see many old Ben Cooper masks for sale on Etsy and eBay all the time, although I don’t know much about them myself. This would be a great panel to educate myself. However, at the same time, I feel like I could just as easily swing by their booth in the Vendors Hall if I can’t make the panel. 😉

6. Conjuring Your Own Pepper’s Ghost – July 29

Pepper’s Ghost is an illusion that is well known and utilized throughout Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, most particularly within the infamous ballroom scene where a lot is going on. This workshop shows you how to recreate this effect which is something I’ve thought about working into our decor for years. How awesome would it be to actually learn those secrets?

7. Fiendies – Vendors Hall

One of Midsummer Scream’s headlining vendors, I am really excited to check out Fiendies’ booth. They specialize in ouiji and divining boards and planchettes, but they are also responsible for making Midsummer Scream’s official character pins. I heard that they will have pins of all the little MSS characters (you could preorder a cat pin when purchasing your ticket, which I did) and I want them all! I’m a little apprehensive about looking into investing in one of their ouiji boards, but I’d love to at least look and check it out. Their boards are unbelievably gorgeous!

8. Fōnhunt – Vendors Hall?

Not really Halloweenie, but this is a company that creates what sounds like scavenger hunts for events to keep guests entertained. I’m a total sucker for these kinds of things and cannot wait to see what the activity will be and how much fun it will be to explore this activity.

9. Riskyo Art – Vendors Hall

An adorable sculptor/artist. On her instagram, she features these adorable pumpkin stickers and I want them all!

10. Phantom Carriage Brewery & Eatery – Vendors Hall

Although I’m not a big beer person, this place certainly has my eye for it’s unique brews! I hope they’ll do tastings or at least have a few bottles for sale to bring back to my folks whom are bigger beer consumers than me.

11. Abbybelle – Vendors Hall

This sculptor makes adorable vintage-inspired figurines. A lot of them are just what you imagine when you think vintage Halloween. I’m excited to see what they will have to offer!

12. Vendors to Discover – Vendors Hall

Above are just a tiny handful of vendors I’m looking forward to checking out. I’m sure there will be way more than I can handle and I may go a little spend-crazy. Hopefully not. My goal is to try to limit my purchases to that of decor use only….if I can help myself.

13. The Black Cat Lounge Presented by Kitten Rescue LA

I know…I know…I shouldn’t want to walk into a place where I could potentially walk away with a new furry friend, but I can’t help it! Scatcat needs a tiny playmate? XD If anything, it will be a good chance to get a dose of kitty while missing my own.

I don’t know if I am brave enough to venture into the Hall of Shadows, although I am sure my hubby will try convincing me to go into at least one. But there is no certainty of that yet. I’m a big ol’ scardey cat so don’t hold your breath.

Doesn’t this weekend look crazy? And that isn’t even close to everything available! One thing is for certain. This weekend is going to fly by!

Keep an eye out for staff wearing white bats, they are there to help!

Attending Midsummer Scream this weekend? Keep in mind that they will have a bag/security check point. If you don’t need to bring a bag, they are highly recommending that you leave yours at home or in your hotel to help speed up the registration process. The first 3,000 guests each day will receive a free tote bag from Tee No Evil if you are planning on bringing one yourself for the purpose of carrying your purchases. 😉

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