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Our family and friends have been asking and waiting and and asking and waiting…

…And now? The time is here!

What does this mean for Cheers! with Chelsea?

Well, to be honest, not too much. Pregnancy will cause lots of changes for my body, but it shouldn’t keep me from being able to blog. In fact, come August, I will have more time to do it. Not to mention that plans for a special summer project will come to light next week. I am so excited about it and I hope you all will be too!

For those concerned over my wine habits, well, here’s a little as to what you can expect. Future “Let’s Talk Wine” videos for the remainder of the year will feature actual grape juice drinking versus the aged kind I love so. I am using pregnancy to serve as an exciting opportunity to discover wineries who make wine’s non-alcoholic cousin. This will include Castello di Amorosa’s sparkling grape juices (an “always wanted to try” but would normally just buy wine instead), but I will be most eager to hear any suggestions out there!

Hallowine tastings will return for the Halloween countdown (for those that follow my countdown specifically for that). I will be adopting the sip ‘n’ spit method while any guest tasters will get to enjoy the remainder of the bottle on my behalf.

My husband and I are very excited over our little monster and I’m very excited to go through the experience and share it with you all.

Thank you for letting me share our excitment with you!

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